My Story

For nearly my entire life, I never gave much thought to the idea of becoming a mom. I can’t even remember holding anyone else’s child until I held my own. And now I have a website with the word ‘mama’ in it, with a focus on pre and postpartum healing, and consciously parenting by nature’s design. As my dad says- trip, man… trip.

My passion for what is easily the most meaningful, love-filled, and challenging journey of my life- parenting against the grain in our post-modern world- was palpable from the very beginning. And re-imagining my looking-glass self has been one of the most surprising, necessary, and truth-filled subplots of the whole adventure. What a ride it’s been…

Consciously Parenting By Nature’s Design

If you ask me, the words ‘baby’ and ‘industry’ go together about as well as oil and water. As wonderful as it would be to live life tribally and communally, as our ancestors had for centuries prior to industrialization, we’re living in a different era.

Instead of eschewing all of humanity’s advancements, I believe it makes most sense to cherry-pick the very best of them, while respecting the undeniable code of nature. A life lived simply, need not be one lived in simplicity…

People's Kind Words

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